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2018.06.06 14:40
EMA_WMA v2.mq5 (22.93 KB)view

This EA is a further development of the first EMA_WMA version.

The position trailing function has been added in version 2.

Use two lines — WMA 8 and EMA 28.

  • When WMA crosses EMA from below — open upward position.
  • When WMA crosses EMA from above — open downward position.

Once the position is opened, set orders: Take Profit 50 points (from Open), Stop Loss 50 points (from Open + spread).


  • Trade using a fixed deposit size — 10% with a leverage of (1:100).
  • The system is not suitable for all currency pairs.
  • If the trend reversed and WMA crossed EMA in the direction opposite to the opened position — open a position in the direction of the trend, while closing the previous one (of course, the old orders should be deleted and new ones should be placed).

Input Values

  • EMA: averaging period - EMA parameter;
  • WMA: averaging period - WMA parameter;
  • StopLoss - stop loss value;
  • TakeProfit - take profit value;
  • Trailing Stop - trailing stop value;
  • Trailing Step - trailing step value
  • Risk - risk value used for position sizing.

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Original code:

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Trend Envelopes Trend Envelopes

Trend Envelopes indicator is using only % deviation for calculation and that is the only parameter needed for calculation. It is internally using Close, High and Low price and in this version that can not be changed. Also, due to the nature of the indicator, it can be easily be used as a sort of support/resistance indicator.