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Record IsConnected, Spread, Stop, FreezeLevel - expert for MetaTrader 4

2018.05.09 10:49
2018.05.10 13:17
C_LOG.mqh (5.94 KB) view

EA is run say once every minute and writes the status of IsConnected, spread, stop and freeze level to a file.


  • I_RecordPeriodInMinutes - In minutes, how often the spread etc. is recorded.
  • I_InputSymbols - List of input symbols to monitor as a string, delimited by a semi-colon (;).
  • I_BeginningOfLogFile - String used at the start of the log file name.

It should be possible to import the data file into a spreadsheet for analysis using ';' as a delimiter.

You may also need to edit the file so that it imports C_LOG.mqh correctly. I currently have this in the include directory, but it could go into other locations depending on your preference.

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