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Martingale Bone Crusher - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2018.05.07 15:18

The EA uses martingale strategy: it enters trades according to the price that is above or below Moving Average. If we lose a trade then the EA will take a new trade in the opposite direction with a multiplied lot size.

This Martingale EA can work on all pairs and all timeframes.

Best timeframe is daily.

Start with 0.01 lot.


  • Multiply - Multiply for Martingale (values: 2-4).
  • Lotsize - Lot size (values: 0.01-10).
  • TrailingStop - Trailing Stop pips distance (values: 10-100).
  • Stop_Loss - Stop Loss pips distance (values: 10-100).
  • Take_Profit - Take Profit pips distance (values: 10-100).
  • MA_period - Moving Average period (values: 10-200).
  • MagicNumber - Magic number (values: 1-100000).




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