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Martingale VI Hybrid - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Published by:
Aharon Tzadik
votes: 25
2018.06.14 12:32
2018.11.26 23:23

This EA enters trades according to the conditions of two "Moving Averages".

If the trade goes in the opposite direction after a predetermined number of pips, then it opens another trade in the same direction of the first trade. The process repeats itself until profit is taken.

By opening a trade only with a new candle it prevents multiple trades, so it is safe to use.

This Martingale EA can work on all pairs and all timeframes.

Best timeframe is daily.

Start with 0.01 lot.


  • TakeProfit - TP value of each trade in this Martingale EA (values: 10-60).
  • PipStep - Distance in pips which will open a new trade (values: 10-50).
  • Lots - Initial lots value, will be duplicated every step (values: 0.01-1).
  • Multiply - Multiplier value every step of new trade (values: 2-4).
  • MaxTrade - Maximum trades that can run (values: 2-10).
  • FASTMA - Fast Moving Average (values: 1-20).
  • SLOWMA - Slow Moving Average (values: 50-200).
  • CLOSEMAXORDERS - Close all orders if there are more than maximum orders.
  • MagicNumber - Magic number (values: 1-100000).



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