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2018.05.02 17:26

Based on the Austin Passamonte's idea, this indicator calculates intra-day pivots.

This one is a version where default values for pivot levels are at 38,61% of the range, but you can easily change it through parameters to the Fibo levels Passamonte proposes in his TASC article (0.25,0.50 and 0.75) or whatever levels you want. If level parameter is set to 0 or less than 0, it will be omitted.

Also, when alternative pivots are used, it looks like the example bellow. The alternative pivots are added simply because they seem more logical than the original.

WPR with Bollinger bands WPR with Bollinger bands

This version of Williams Percent Range has an addition of Bollinger bands to help identify possible overbought and oversold levels breaks.

Count Back Lines Count Back Lines

Indicator based on the Daryl Guppy's original strategy.

Vortex - smoothed Vortex - smoothed

Vortex indicator (based on the article that was published in the January 2010 issue of TASC) with a smoothing option.

Ultra Trend Ultra Trend

Ultra Trend is one of the well known indicators made for MetaTrader 5 now.