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CSyncEvent Class - WinApi - library for MetaTrader 4

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2017.10.18 10:32
CSyncEvent.mqh (2.21 KB)view

CSyncEvent class provides a mechanism which processes can use to synchronize access to a resource. This is very useful when you for example use shared memory for communication between processes.

Normally, if you want to know if a shared resource was accessed by another process and something was written into it, you would have to check the resource constantly. However, this method is inefficient. When using synchronization functions, like events, you just simply set the event state to signaled, this way other processes see it and instantly understand that something was written into a resource.

BarNumbers BarNumbers

Displays the number of each bar - both, relative to the most current bar and in absolute terms from the beginning of the chart.

Symbol Movement Symbol Movement

This custom indicator will show you 28 pair's daily candle range, High-Low range, candle bullishness or bearishness from real tick market. So you can understand the overall market situation very short time. You can change the default timeframe from Daily to any period and default candle (bar) number from 0 to any previous number. Also you can open the required symbol by clicking the symbol button.

Robot_ADX+2MA Robot_ADX+2MA

Uses the analysis of 4 indicators.

Multi Timeframe Triple Moving Averages Multi Timeframe Triple Moving Averages

This indicator allows you to see the Moving Averages from different timeframes on the same chart. It helps you to spot the dynamic levels of support and resistance. It uses a custom window with check boxes to show/hide the different Moving Averages without need to access the indicator settings window.