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Breakthrough_BB - expert for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Vladimir Karputov
votes: 24
2017.04.27 17:27

The author of the idea — Viktor Fateev, mq5 author — barabashkakvn


The system is not mine, it was described by Chuck LeBo and David Lucas.

This EA uses the following purchase rules:

1. MA_Long should go up - this is a filter.

2 The closing price must cross from the bottom to the top of the upper Bollinger Boundary (BB_Up).

3 When buying, set the stop at the lower Bollinger Border minus the reserve points.


When crossing the price of closing the middle Bollinger line from top to bottom.

The GBPUSD, H1 pair is recommended.

High and Low Custom levels High and Low Custom levels

High and Low. For levels, you can specify an offset. You can specify the interval (PERIOD_D1) on which to search for levels.

Volatility Quality Stridsman Volatility Quality Stridsman

Volatility quality Stridsman.

Spread statistics Spread statistics

The average spread for the "averaging period". You can set the background transparency and transparency of the text. CCanvas.

N Candles v2 N Candles v2

We look for N identical candles in a row. If the found candles bull - we buy, if bear - we sell.