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Spread statistics - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2017.04.27 17:28

The average spread for the "averaging period". You can set the background transparency and transparency of the text.

Input parameters:

  • averaging period
  • background
  • background alpha
  • text color 
  • text alpha 

The last 7 spreads are displayed and, at the end, the average spread over the period "averaging period".

Breakthrough_BB Breakthrough_BB

Advisor on the signals of the indicators Bollinger Bands and Moving Average.

High and Low Custom levels High and Low Custom levels

High and Low. For levels, you can specify an offset. You can specify the interval (PERIOD_D1) on which to search for levels.

N- candles v2 N- candles v2

We look for N identical candles in a row. If the found candles bull - we buy, if bear - we sell.

Renko Level Renko Level

The indicator displays the Renko bars on the MetaTrader 5 chart.