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2016.10.27 13:35

The indicator displays the price pivot point.

When the candles form a pattern, where all their wicks can be crossed by a line, as a rule, the price reverses.


The number of candles and the history period for searching the pattern can be set in the indicator parameters.

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Limits Martin Limits Martin

The Expert Advisor places pending limit orders at the specified distance from the price and trails them after the price with the specified step, applies martingale.

Spread and time until the next candle Spread and time until the next candle

This indicator displays the current spread of the instrument and the time left until the current bar closes.

The simplest RSI-based EA The simplest RSI-based EA

Sells at downward crossing of 70, buys at the upward crossing of 30.

Grid assistant Grid assistant

The Expert Advisor is designed for placing managing grids.