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2016.10.27 12:52

The Jupiter M. grid EA uses the martingale feature, which can be disabled by setting the multiplier to 1, when placing a grid in both directions.

certain functions are useful when the EA runs on multiple currency pairs. The main idea of the EA is not in accurate entries, but in flexible plotting of grids. The main inputs of the EA are described in the attached manual. Example of trades the appearance of the info panel are displayed in the figure.

Jupiter M. trade example

There is also a block of manual settings to interfere with the EA trading. Skillful management of these settings allows to decrease the probability of losing the deposit by an order of magnitude, depending on the trader's experience.

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Original code:

ShowImportantParams ShowImportantParams

Displays important parameters, which can change during news release or on Fridays before closing.

PAMM on the chart PAMM on the chart

Downloads the history of Alpari PAMM accounts and displays it on the chart.

Nevalyashka Stop Up Nevalyashka Stop Up

After a loss, the EA opens orders with stop levels increased by the coefficient.

The MasterWindows Library The MasterWindows Library

A library of classes for creating a user-friendly interface of your programs.