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Nevalyashka Stop Up - expert for MetaTrader 4

Vladimir Khlystov | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch Русский

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2016.10.27 12:52

Every time a stop loss is triggered, the EA increases the sizes of take profit and stop loss by the specified coefficient. The EA does no increase the lot sizes of orders.

If the option "stop after profit" is selected, the EA will be disabled after reaching take profit.

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Original code:

Jupiter M Jupiter M

Martingale grid EA. The main idea of the EA is not in accurate entries, but in flexible plotting of grids.

ShowImportantParams ShowImportantParams

Displays important parameters, which can change during news release or on Fridays before closing.

The MasterWindows Library The MasterWindows Library

A library of classes for creating a user-friendly interface of your programs.

AwesomeOC AwesomeOC

Modification of the standard Awesome Oscillator by Bill Williams. Recommended timeframe - М15.