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The Expert Advisor uses two MACD indicators. The first MACD is used to find the deal entry, the second is used to determine the trend.

The money management is based on the fixed part and martingale system with limited number of doubles.

The libraries must be placed to the terminal_data_folder\MQL5\Include folder of the client terminal.

Input parameters:

  • DML- deposit size for minimal allowed lot for the account;
  • Ud - number of doublings. It begans with 0 - no doublings;
  • Stop - Stop Loss value in points;
  • Tp - Take Profit value in points;
  • Slipage - Slippage in points;
  • MACD1Fast - Fast ЕМА for MACD, used to find the entry;
  • MACD1Slow - Slow ЕМА;
  • MACD2Fast - Fast ЕМА for MACD, used to determine the trend;
  • MACD2Slow - Slow ЕМА.

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Original code:

Dual Trix UpGrade_1 Dual Trix UpGrade_1

Dual Trix Upgrade 1.

MACD - Any higher timeframe MACD - Any higher timeframe

This indicator is based on simple MACD but allows you to choose also timeframe of indicator, different from current. You can choose current timeframe of chart (then indicator shows the same values as common MACD) or any higher timeframe.

Multik Multik

The Multicurrency Expert Advisor.

Dual_Trix_Upgrade2 Dual_Trix_Upgrade2

The Dual Trix indicator with dual magnified Values in the Chart and in the Indicator window.