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Tick Chart - indicator for MetaTrader 4

2016.03.07 10:50
SaveTicks.mq4 (5.64 KB) view


Perhaps you, like me, sometimes need to estimate the duration of the price movement and the difference of BUY and SELL volumes inside a price candlestick. At such moments, I think of a tick chart. There are various programs that gather ticks, but I did not find any easy to use and suitable for analysis.

The presented indicator is based on the standard MQL4 period converter. This decision allowed to collect ticks to the standard history file and open the tick chart as an offline chart.

The indicator also includes a block for updating the offline chart at every new tick.

This results in a standard MetaTrader chart with the period of 1 tick. Therefore, all the features that exist in your terminal are available for such chart.

Tick chart with standard indicators

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Original code:

Assistant for checking strategies on history data Assistant for checking strategies on history data

The indicator was developed to help analyze the interesting strategies, and also to practice and gain experience in analyzing the signals on history data in the selected strategy.

Zonal Trading Zonal Trading

The Expert Advisor which uses AO and AC. Buying and selling is performed when the colors of the indicators match.

Future_Indicator Future_Indicator

The indicator based on the moving averages shifted to the left relative to the chart.

Hodrick-Prescott Channel Hodrick-Prescott Channel

The indicator draws a price channel using the Hodrick-Prescott Filter.