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Delete all objects of the selected type - script for MetaTrader 4

Drazen Penic | English Português Русский Español Deutsch 日本語

votes: 25
2015.03.23 15:03
2016.11.22 07:32

Script is created after idea from the comment on the script "Delete all objects on all charts". Request was to enable deleting only specified object types from the charts.

This script has list of all object types that can be created in the v765, and each object type deleting can be turned on or off.

First two parameters define scope:

  • Delete objects on all charts;
    • if true - objects of selected types are deleted from all charts
    • if false - objects of selected types are deleted only from the current chart
  • Delete all objects
    • if true - ignores selected types and deletes all objects
    • if false - deletes only selected object types

This two parameters are followed by the list of all object types. If "Delete all objects" is false, script will delete only object types that have selected value "true".


  • Create keyboard hotkey for the script - right click on script name and then select "Set hotkey".
  • Create different copies of the script for deleting different types of object. Name copies of the script according to intended function. For example:
    • "DeleteTrendLines" for deleting old trend lines from the charts
    • "DeleteFibonacci" for deleting all Fibonacci analysis related objects
    • "DeleteArrows" for deleting all types of arrow objects from the charts
    • ...

Suggestions, remarks and voting:

  • If you have any suggestion how this script can be improved, please add a comment here.
  • I'm not offended with low marks, but please add a comment and let me know why you did not like this script.

Thank you.

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