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2013.12.16 16:07

Weekly and Monthly Pivot - script for MetaTrader 4

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Simple scripts that help trader draw a weekly and monthly pivot with support and resistance lines of current week or month.



  • Accompany the submitted code with a meaning-bearing name and a brief description.
  • Attach a brief explanation to the code for users to make head or tail of it.
  • Insert illustrating images where applicable.
Catcher Profit 1.0 Catcher Profit 1.0

This isn't an operating EA, but profit management EA.

Symbol Label Symbol Label

Draws a label of the chart symbol. Any text size, color and position on chart.

OBJ_EDIT_Example OBJ_EDIT_Example

Example of working with OBJ_EDIT graphic object.

Time indicator Time indicator

Time indicator displays broker time and local computer time on the chart.