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2013.12.16 07:24

Change Chart Symbol - (updated for MT4 Build 600) - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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New Indicator:

This indicator has been reconstructed as a menu with a drop-down list of symbols. Please go here.


Old Indicator:

These indicators have been updated (- v2) for MT4 Build 600 and mt4gui2.dll and mt4gui2.mgh. Ensure mt4gui2.dll and mt4gui2.mgh are uptodate. See end of post for additional notes:

  1. Indicator : Change Symbol - Full - v2
  2. Indicator : Change Symbol - Light - v2
  3. Indicator : Chart Symbol
  • Indicators 1 & 2 enable a User to change the symbol on a chart by clicking the associated Symbol Radio Button. i.e. Flick through multiple symbols from a single chart.
  • Indicator 3 can be used with 1 & 2. For purpose of easy identification it places on the chart a text of the current Symbol and Period. An enhancement but not essential to the function of Indicators 1 & 2.

Please read ALL information

The function of these Indicators is dependent on files mt4gui.dll and mt4.mgh. Without these files the Indicators will not work. Both are freeware but require a free license key for every computer running the dll file. Download Here. When the Indicator is first loaded a popup will request a name (does not have to be actual name - use a handle) and email (they do not spam ! - occasional update notification). Once submitted a License Key will be immediately send which is then entered in said popup. There is no limitations to the number of free licenses.

If chart symbols are other than the standard six letter EURUSD such as EURUSDSB or EURUSD_uk etc., the User needs to see "Notes: Suffix -1 and Suffix - 2".


  1. It is not necessary to click the radio circle. It is a lost faster and less fiddly to click the symbol name.
  2. Suffix - 1: The User should experience no problems with standard six letter symbols notation such as EURUSD. However, some Broker's use variants like EURUSDSB, EURUSD_uk etc. In this case the Use will have to enter the added suffix (note: case sensitive) in the suffix section in the Indicator Inputs Tab.
  3. Suffix - 2: The addition of the suffix (without quotation marks) to the Indicator worked with a broker that uses suffix "SB" and with a Broker that uses suffix "_uk". Future symbols such as Usa500Dec13 and SoybnsJan14 were added to the the Indicator in whole (case sensitive) and worked successfully with the Broker's charts..
  4. Any Symbol can be changed from the Inputs tab. The Full version also has SPARE Radio Buttons for User to input additional symbols.
  5. GOLD may have to be changed to XAUUSD or other variant.
  6. Note: The Panel does not appear on the chart when the MT4 terminal is started. Switch to a different timeframe and back and the Panel will appear on the chart.
  7. Note: When MT4 is closed a message will pop up. Ignore and click - Close the program.
  8. Here is the reason for the above - See - FAQ → Is MT4GUI Compatible with Indicators?
  9. The Radio Buttons panel is anchored to the top left corner but can be moved as required. See Left_Right and Up_Down parameters.
  10. The Radio Panel color can be changed.

Important - Check !

Note: Regards future mt4gui2.mqh updates

The below indicator code calls mt4gui2.mgh and must be updated to correspond to future .mgh updates. i.e. if mt4gui2.mgh update changes to mt4gui3.mgh the the indicator code must be changed accordingly - #include <mt4gui3.mgh>

#include <mt4gui2.mqh>

How to edit the code - Go Here scroll down to Follow These Steps.

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