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2013.06.04 05:40

Aeron Expert Advisor - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Aeron Expert Advisor works on martingale technique, but the best thing is that all parameters are customisable beyond your imagination.

Please look at following image of its parameters:

What minimum amount you should have in your account for Aeron Expert Advisor?

Say the minimum lots allowed by your broker is 0.01 and it needs $1 to open 0.01 lots at 100:1 leverage, then you should have $1 x 75=$75 in your account for safe trading. On the other hand as in case of AlpariUK, it needs approx $13.5 to open the minimum lots size 0.10 at 100:1 levergae, so there should be atleast $13.5 x 75=$1012 in the account.

This is only a recommandation message for safety purpose, it doesn't affect the working of Expert Advisor.

Recommendations Time frame & Currency Pair:

EURUSD on 1-minute Time Frame.

If you want to understand above parametrs in more details then please visit its details parameters info.

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