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HybridEA 1.0 - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2012.06.05 06:51
2014.04.21 14:55 (0.65 KB)
HybridEA01.mq4 (65.26 KB)view


Final version of my hybrid Expert Advisor.

Important: If you want to profit you need to inside function CheckChances properly values, or values got from indicators, i created a buy and sell chance system-

  1. Place file from to mql4 directory - templates
  2. Place file Channel_scalper.mq4 to directory for indicators
  3. Place file HybridEA1.mqh to directory experts/includes
  4. Place file HybridEA01..mq4 to directory experts


  1. Open in metaeditor ChannelScalper, compile it
  2. Open in metaeditor HybridEA01 and compile it
  3. Finally run it inside of tester, after that you have a lot of options avaible, only compile HybridEA01 is needed for every change.

And there is really a lot of functions and options.

Money Management Script Money Management Script

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