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2012.06.05 06:49

Money Management Script - script for MetaTrader 4

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MMScript.mq4 (5.11 KB)view

This script is intended to make life easier and virtually painless in executing trades. It gets sometimes annoying for me to keep clicking for a LIMIT or STOP pending trade so my script will automatically set it at the appropriate setting. For instant trades, put in just a SL and don't worry about the entry. In addition, if you want to recompile some values like percentage of account balance for automatic use then be my guest. It will give you a notice if you lack too much funds to enter a trade and top out a trade. If I become successful later then I may modify this script to execute multiple trades to appease the maximum lots.

I invite everyone to do whatever they want with this script. It is going to make my life a lot easier and make my day trading session go by a lot quicker. I am just sharing this because in a way I'm giving back and desiring to put myself on the map of this community. I also programmed an EA which dramatically sucks but it's how I gained some experience with coding MQL; therefore, I'm going manual with the awesome indicators and knowledge I've picked up. It's only taking me roughly no more than an hour a day to conduct my day or position trades, and I have had great results. I might offer to manage accounts once I make a comfortable earning with Forex, but I'm not counting on it right now.

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