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Open Positions Indi - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2012.05.25 13:50
2016.11.22 07:32

Indicators: 1. Open Position Points 2. Open Position Pips

These indicators are simplification modifications of the iexposure indicator.

  • Both indicators are in all functions exact except one is by default set to return [p] = Pips and the other [p] = Points.
  • Both indicators can display either Pips or Points depending on true/false status of [p_as_Points] option.

The MT4 terminal returns profit as a) Points or b) Term Currency or c) Deposited Currency. Points is consistent with MT4 Terminal, however, individual preference may favor Pips.

  1. The indicator must be placed in a secondary window such as a MACD or Stocastics window - note: the indicator will not display in the chart-primary window.
  2. If a second window is not in use attach Blank.mq4 as a secondary window. See above download files.
  3. Drag and drop indicator on secondary window. Display will appear only when a trade is opened.
  4. Increase/decrease width between columns: Use X_Distance_Multiplier option with small decimal increments - too large an increment, up or down, will result in indicator display shifting off-screen.

Example: [p]=Points:

  1. Profit-Loss [€]
  2. Lots - long[10.00 L] German Bund & short [-0.01 L] Dow-Industrial
  3. Points [p]
  4. Symbols [EuBundMar12...]

Example: [p]=Pips:

  1. Profit-Loss [£]
  2. Lots - all positions long [0.10 L]
  3. Pips [p]
  4. Symbols [EURUSD...]

Permanently change defaults options - examples provided .
Edit the below highlighted code to permanently change default options.

See here for examples - scroll towards end of SL+TP-CP Dist Indi - v2.


  • extern color Symbols = LightSlateGray;
  • extern bool p_as_Points = true;
  • extern color Pips_or_Points = DarkOrange;
  • extern color Lots_Long = Lime;
  • extern color Lots_Short = Red;
  • extern string Currency_Symbol = "£";
  • extern color Prof_Gain = Lime;
  • extern color Prof_Loss = Red;
  • ------------------------------------------
  • extern int corner = 1; //0 - for top-left corner, 1 - top-right, 2 - bottom-left, 3 - bottom-right
  • extern int Line1_Distance_Y = 1;
  • extern double X_Distance_Multiplier = 1.5;
  • extern int Font_Size = 8;
  • extern string Font_Face = "Arial Bold";



Thanks to Daniel Kirstein for contributions: X_Distance_Multiplier and corner.


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