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2012.01.23 15:49

Gaussian Rainbow - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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This indiactor uses gaussian filtration to get the first filter line, the additional lines are calculated by refiltration of the last filter line. Used for spotting trends, sideway markets and retracement zones

e_OnMA_004 e_OnMA_004

EA is based on 2 MA (High and Low). Long position will occur when Ask > MA(High) and Short position - when Bid

Wipeout Wipeout

Closes all orders when total cash profit in the account is a certain value.

Gaussian Bands Gaussian Bands

StDev Bands with gaussian smoothing

SL+TP-OE PIP CALC INDY – v2 (Indicator) SL+TP-OE PIP CALC INDY – v2 (Indicator)

Updates: 1. Order Type Discrimination 2. SL+TP and OE line price. 3. Enhanced user defined labels. Calculates pip distance between Order Execution price and SL & TP price