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2012.01.19 06:34

Wipeout - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Wipeout.mq4 (1.92 KB)view

This expert advisor closes all open orders when total cash profit in the account is a certain value set by the input "WhenProfitIs". Please report any bugs you find so we can improve it.

Ticks-MilSec Ticks-MilSec

This indicator is calculating numbers of ticks and average time between ticks for each minute in the current hour.

EA with sounds EA with sounds

This EA is based on the 10 SMA moving average and another things which could be better - It also make sounds according to the context.

e_OnMA_004 e_OnMA_004

EA is based on 2 MA (High and Low). Long position will occur when Ask > MA(High) and Short position - when Bid

Gaussian Rainbow Gaussian Rainbow

Rainbow through gaussian refirtration