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Artificial Intelligence - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2006.11.27 12:02
2017.08.25 14:10

The use of "Perceptron".

Prepare for optimization:

Contrarian trade MA Contrarian trade MA

Contrarian trade using MA indicator And Trendfollow trade using Breakout system

ang AZad(C) ang AZad(C)

The Indicator ang_AZad(C) helps to define the dominant trend as ang_Zad(C).

periodgen periodgen

Quckly generate histoircal data from any M1 data such as alpari for all time frames up to D1. Shift Time to suit your server.

SMA MultiHedge SMA MultiHedge

A kind of hedging style play base on "BaseSymbol" and hedge "Hedge.Symbol" to reduce the risk including the auto-calculate-correlation-function for all BaseSymbol-Hedge.Symbol.