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2011.02.24 08:06
Programmatic modification of Tester "From:" and "To:" fields with user32.dll

Programmatic modification of Tester "From:" and "To:" fields with user32.dll - script for MetaTrader 4

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For this script to run properly you must have the strategy tester window open.

I made this for the purpose of creating a distributed automated optimization package.
I was unsatisfied with the available automated optimization code because it necessitates modification of expert advisor code.

This was created and tested on Windows 7 64 bit. It is possible that the #define statements need to be changed to point to the proper IDs for your operating system.

I was unable to directly send a string to the date field because its control, SysDateTimePick32, is difficult to interface with MQL4.

Instead I used a somewhat round-about method of parsing the control's text and sending UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT keystrokes to adjust the date.

I posted this script because I found it very time consuming to find the necessary information to achieve this (especially for a Windows API newbie like myself). Hopefully this will help others.