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'Am I missing bars in my chart?' two simple indicators to show you - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2011.02.21 10:16
2014.04.21 14:55


I wrote these to help me find visually where my data was patchy. It's wasn't intended for publication, so WYSIWYG!

I'm happy for people to use them for their own personal (or even company) use, but I would be annoyed if someone decided to sell them.

The logic takes weekends (49 hours) into account, but not public holidays. My broker use CET time (no Sunday bars) so unsure how it works with US times.

The separate chart version displays alert box on start up if there are missing bars - saves hunting for graphics to check! The other lists messages in the 'Experts' log.

Note that the 'same chart' indicator has 5 size of scissors (bigger scissors = more missing data), and the separate chart has slightly higher bars as more data is missing.

Feel free to change logic if you wish!


PSAR_2B_Line PSAR_2B_Line

Line indicator Parabolic SAR for the current Time Frame and the next one

Twitpic - Send chart screenshot Twitpic - Send chart screenshot

Drop the script on your chart to send a screenshot to twitpic with or without a message

Daily trend ZCOMFX v2 Daily trend ZCOMFX v2

Daily trend indicator to show up to 6 pairs and arrows on your chart.

Programmatic modification of Tester "From:" and "To:" fields with user32.dll Programmatic modification of Tester "From:" and "To:" fields with user32.dll

This script uses the Windows API to modify the "From:" and "To:" fields within the strategy tester according to user input. For this script the strategy tester should already be open. Tested on Windows 7 64 bit. If you are using another version of win