Black swans of the American stock market.

Black swans of the American stock market.

27 December 2022, 15:53
Andrey Niroba

The post by Dmitry Medvedev in the telegram channel dated December 26, 2022 is not a futuristic hypothesis. In my opinion, this post is a real vector of future developments, especially regarding 8, 9 and 10 points.

The implementation of the 8th paragraph, for example, can be like this.

Alaska is a subject of the Russian Federation

The United States called itself an enemy of the Russian State, thereby condemning itself to destruction, because the entire history of the Russian State shows that its enemies are always overthrown by the peoples of Great Russia.

Victory over the enemy must take place on all fronts - military, political, informational, economic. Everything that provides survivability to our enemy must be destroyed, including in the financial sector.

The goal of the US is clear - to control the world through a financial system built on the hegemony of the dollar. The policy of the so-called controlled chaos, which provokes constantly smoldering armed conflicts, turning into a burning phase, in Eurasia and Africa is designed to weaken all countries and make America an island of stability for world capital. A global financial system based on the uncontrolled and therefore criminal green paper printing is the chair the US sits on. Those who call on the United States to get up from this chair are sent obscenely by them. Knocking out a chair from under a seated person is a difficult task, requiring huge efforts and sudden movements, it is much easier to overturn a seated person by sawing the leg of this chair.

Under the leg of the chair is meant the American stock market, the collapse of which at one point will lead to the impoverishment of the US population and the depreciation of financial assets denominated in US dollars. To say that this will have a positive effect on the expulsion of the United States from Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Baltic states, as well as the removal of American nuclear arsenals from Turkey, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, is like saying nothing.

The stock market in the American financial system is comparable to a rod in a children's pyramid, pulling out which, losing stability, crumbles when it is lightly touched.

To destroy anything, it is necessary to understand the structure of the object being destroyed (its core) and to identify weak points in order to apply efforts in the direction necessary for this destruction.

Let's say, a huge block of stone, which cannot be destroyed even by a simultaneous blow of a hundred thousand sledgehammers, it turns out that it can be destroyed by hitting a small hammer in the right place and in the right direction, knowing its internal structure and weak points where to hit. For example, the descent of rocks with a volume of 25 million cubic meters. m on the Bureya River on December 11, 2018 may have been caused by a hoof that ran in the wrong place and at the wrong time by some mountain goat.

All this is true not only for material objects, for example, the destruction of the “Union of the Indestructible Republics of the Free” happened with minimal effort at the right time and in the right place by signing three insignificant illegal documents.

The US is by no means an exception to the rule. Anything can happen, but you can’t wait for the right goat to run in the right place and at the right time to bring down the right one. The process needs help - to collect the necessary goats and organize their passage next to the American garden.

As for financial crises, I am absolutely sure that the appearance of black swans in the stock market does not just happen, the time of their appearance can be predicted with a fairly accurate definition of cost and time intervals. It is at these specific time intervals that black swans can arrive, and when this happens, a situation arises in which a small pebble that has fallen down from the wind from the mountain causes a stone tsunami at the foot of this mountain.

The Great Depression that happened in America in the 30s of the last century is a good confirmation of this. This is the case when the US drank in full from the arrival of black swans.

The video below shows the fractal structure of the Dow Jones Index chart prior to the 1929 stock market crash and the impending Great Depression.

The next time interval in which the black swans were supposed to fly to the American stock market is 1945. However, the United States, having concentrated 70% of the world's gold reserves on its territory, prevented a collapse in the stock market by declaring the US dollar the world's gold-backed currency.

The video below shows the fractal structure of the Dow Jones index chart, which took shape on the eve of the Bretton Woods conference.

The next estimated time interval for the arrival of black swans on the American stock market was 1973. But this time too, the US got away with it, decoupling the US dollar from gold and starting uncontrolled emission and criminally unrestrained growth of public debt.

The video below shows the fractal structure of the Dow Jones index chart, which took shape on the eve of the Jamaica Conference.

The time interval that began on September 2, 2021 became the next estimated time interval for the arrival of black swans on the US stock market. For Russia, a window of opportunity is opening to ask America for all the crimes committed, discarding all the boundaries of decency.

The main task should be to prevent the United States from getting away with it this time. America must be forced to pay for all the accumulated debts to the World and especially to answer for the unleashed war in Ukraine with a complete withdrawal from the Eurasian continent.

The video below shows the fractal structure of the Dow Jones Index chart, which took shape on the eve of September 2, 2021.

I believe that the situation is ripe for a very deep correction on the American stock market, which may last until 2028 and within which the total capitalization of American companies may decrease by more than 2.5 times and, I am sure that Russia is in the power to give this process powerful acceleration.

I outlined my thoughts on the topic of price forecasting in the financial market in the article “Apophenia as an apologist for clairvoyance in capital markets”.

In the article “When will Dow be low?” the theoretical aspects of the method of modeling the financial market are described and its practical application is shown on the example of the dynamics of the values of the American stock index Dow Jones.