How To Setup Tradingview alert To MT4 / MT5

29 August 2022, 06:49
Trinh Dat
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This is step by step to setup  TradingView Alert To MT4 and  TradingView Alert To MT5

 -  First you need install EA to your MT4 / MT5 ( or copy EA (ex4 / ex5 file) to Experts folder of MT4 /MT5 )

 -  Connect to Tradingview: Download "Tradingview to MetaTrader" App here, then use WinRAR to extract all file to your PC , open file "How to get Tradingview link.png", follow step to step to get link, the run file TradingviewToMetaTrader.exe

Notes : 

- Install WinRAR if your PC have not

- When get link from Tradingview, only open one tab with the website. 

- when you input link to file config, open file with NotePad and patse the link , then URL= wss://pushstream...

- Run the apps, it will show "Connected to Tradingview" and also display alerts

 -  If the App not work, then you must install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable", download file here or at link . Skip the step if your Windows did install it before. 

 -  The App is only support Windows, but not support for Windows 7 and lower.

 -   Do not close TradingviewToMetaTrader Apps when run EA on MT4 / MT5.

Expert Parameters

Alert Name of Tradingview: input your list your alert name from Tradingview , then EA only get alert from the Alert name.

Point Factor for increase point size: input with format [Symbol]:[Factor], use comma to input more. Example: 10, BTC LTC:1000, XAU:100 => it mean all pair have BTC or LTC use factor 1000, pair have XAU use factor 100, other use factor 10

- Picture below is all keyword to use for alert.

- Open order format start with [Symbol] [Order type] + other option. Example: XAUUSD buy lot 0.1 sl 100 tp 200

- Close order format start with [CloseOrder] [Symbol] [Order type] . Example: Close XAUUSD buy  -> EA will close all buy orders of  XAUUSD 

- Cancel order format start with [CancelOrder] [Symbol] [Order type] .  Example: Cancel XAUUSD buylimit  -> EA will cancel all buylimit orders of  XAUUSD

If you have any questions, contact me via private message

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