How to make money in trading

21 August 2019, 23:12
Rabih Abdallah
Trading forex is a science Not a luck or casino games. are laughing now and if you do you will stay in red.
Let's continue talking seriously about our topic on how to make money in forex.
First step is to checkout your personality wich type f trader you are ? 
1-daytrader ( trades usually closed on the same day)
2- swinger ( trades can take weeks to be closed)
3-investor  ( trades can take weeks months or a year)
Decide your type of trader and remember swingers  investors are  professional traders are more profitable than day traders.

Be ready to accept losses . Profits are in second positions

1-Learn to trade first invest in your self
2-Invest later
3-Backtest your strategy
4-Write your trading plan 
5-Analyse the market on daily charts wait for price action candles before any position is opened . (Learn japanese candlestick)

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