Trading with Weis Wave with Speed Index

Trading with Weis Wave with Speed Index

11 June 2019, 09:45
Panagiotis Diamantopoulos

EURGBP 1H Short Forecast

Three reasons why it will go down:

1. Very fast move up with little volume - Speed Index 4.2 - fastest up wave speed index compared to previous history waves 

2. First Push down wave with Speed Index 32.1 - slowest down wave compared to previous history of down waves

3. Hard time to reach resistance level with the highest Speed Index of 13.9 of the last 5 up waves

Need to watch out for buyers on Support Level of 32.1 SI.

EG Short

This is the result is according to our forecast so far. Will Fib be able to stop the down move? - check your 5 min

EG Short After

Conclusion: if you are able to read the market you have a much better probability of succeeding.


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