Trading with Weis Wave with Speed Index

Trading with Weis Wave with Speed Index

10 June 2019, 17:25
Panagiotis Diamantopoulos

Why UJ 5min will break down:

1. 2. High Speed Index Waves on move up (5.6and 4.2).

2a. First Push Down with High Speed Index of 7.0

3. and 4. First high volume down  waves compared to recent history

5. Diminishing volume on up waves.

6. Easy move down - high volume down wave.

7. High Volume up wave but with High Speed Index 4.2 - Could also be push up because we have reached support - so wait.

8.High Speed index on the up move.

 Be patient :Wait for it to break easily to confirm all the above because we are in an area that buyers might step in.

UJ Possible Short

And this is what happened we broke and we found a lot of buyers on 9. That is the largest volume of the day.

UJ after

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