CyberTrend EA

CyberTrend EA

7 January 2019, 19:31
Radek Reznicek


link to the MT4 version:

link to the MT5 version:

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CyberTrend is a fully automatic Expert Advisor based on advanced algorithms for short term trend prediction. This EA uses several custom made indicators combined with candles prediction that helps to achieve a very high-rate of winning trades.

This EA successfully passed long term back-test with real tick data (accuracy 99.9 %), variable spread, real commision and swap.

CyberTrend is also fully adjustable by user. Please read the blog to get more information about FAQ and settings parameters.


  • M15 Timeframe
  • ECN broker is always recommended for automated trading (but not limited to other brokers).
  • Leverage 1:200 or higher 
  • deposit 1500 USD

Trading Instructions

  1. Move EA to the chart (simply drag and drop)
  2. When pop up window appears select desired settings (for EURUSD M15 you can use default settings).
  3. If using more trading pairs or more charts, make sure that each chart has unique Magic number !!!
  4. Confirm settings and let the EA trade

Trading checklist

  1. Make sure that each chart has unique Magic number!
  2. If using standard VPS server or personal PC - Make sure that AutoTrading is enabled in your Metatrader terminal (smiley face on the top right corner of the chart)
  3. If you are using Metatrader MQL VPS server - Make sure that AutoTrading is disabled in your Metatrader terminal (sad face on the top right corner of the chart)
  4. Make sure you are using charts with M15 timeframe
  5. Make sure that you are using right Money management and every time verify with back-test


General Settings

  • Magic - Magic number
  • CommentOrders - Order comments
  • ShowInfoPanel - Show/Hide info panel
  • GMT - Broker GMT (usually 2 for most ECN brokers)
  • TradingMode - Pre-optimized trading modes. If you want to trade own settings in Strategy Settings section set TradingMode to "Custom"

Risk Settings

  • BaseLot - Base Lot size
  • StepLot - Step Lot size
  • MaxLot - Max Lot size
  • StopLoss - 0 (No StopLoss), > 0 (Use StopLoss)
  • MaxSlippage - Max slippage
  • UseSpreadProtection - Enable/Disable spread protection
  • MaxSpread - Max spread for spread protection
  • UseEquityProtection - Enable/Disable draw-down protection
  • CloseAtCurrencyDD - Will close all trades if draw-down in currency is greater than CloseAtCurrencyDD 

Note: Whole Strategy Settings section has effect only if TradingMode is set to "Custom"

Basic Strategy Settings

  • ThresholdClose - Threshold for orders closure
  • ThresholdAdd - Threshold for orders addition
  • MaxOrders - Maximum number of placed orders

Advanced Strategy Settings

  • Predictor - Parameter for actual bars prediction
  • ConfirmDistance - Distance parameter for actual bars confirmation
  • UseLongConfirm - Enable/Disable long term bars confirmation
  • UseLongConfirm - Parameter for long term bars confirmation
  • LongPeriod - Period for long term confirmation
  • UseMediumConfirm - Enable/Disable Medium term bars confirmation
  • PredictorMedium - Parameter for medium term bars confirmation
  • MediumPeriod - Period for medium term confirmation

News Filter Settings

News filter never works in back-test !!

Note: For the news filter function in the terminal go to: "Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors" and add the "" to the Allowed URLs


  • HighImpactNews - Enable/Disable High impact news filter
  • HighStopMinutesBefore - Minutes before high impact news that EA won't open new position
  • HighStopMinutesAfter - Minutes after high impact news that EA won't open new position
  • MediumImpactNews - Enable/Disable Medium impact news filter
  • MediumStopMinutesBefore - Minutes before medium impact news that EA won't open new position
  • MediumStopMinutesAfter - Minutes after medium impact news that EA won't open new position
  • LowImpactNews - Enable/Disable Low impact news filter
  • LowStopMinutesBefore - Minutes before low impact news that EA won't open new position
  • LowStopMinutesAfter - Minutes after low impact news that EA won't open new position

Optimization recommendations:

General Settings

  • IMPORTANT: TradingMode  MUST be switched to "Custom"
  • ShowInfoPanel - Set to false for optimization to speed up process

Basic Strategy Settings

  • ThresholdClose - recommended range: 30 - 150
  • ThresholdAdd - recommended range: 50 - 150
  • MaxOrders - recommended range: 5 - 20

Advanced Strategy Settings

  • Predictor - recommended range: 4 - 20
  • ConfirmDistance - recommended range: 3 - 20
  • UseLongConfirm - true / false
  • LongPeriod - higher than selected timeframe
  • LongPeriod - recommended range: 5 - 30
  • UseMediumConfirm - true / false
  • PredictorMedium - recommended range: 5 - 30
  • MediumPeriod - higher than selected timeframe 


1) The EA did not open any order today
  • This is not a 1 minute scalper so there is a possibility that this day was not any signal confirmed to open new position
  • Verify that AutoTrading is enabled in you PC/VPS Metatrader Terminal (If using MQL VPS AutoTrading must be disabled in your Metatrader Terminal)

2) Will EA work with other brokers?

  • EA is not limited for any broker. Always verify with backtest with proper tick data (Make sure that you have enough margin if using low leverages).
  • True ECN broker is always recommended

3) Will the EA work with X:X leverage?

  • EA has no leverage limitation. It was optimized for 1:200 to 1:500 leverage. If using other leverage, make sure you have enough margin. Verify with backtest with your account balance size.

4) What is maximal Drawdown of the EA?

  • Nobody knows - Nobody can predict the future. You can get some idea from the backtest but just keep in mind that backtest is based on data from past and not from the future.

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