Bull has Busted Out

Bull has Busted Out

3 September 2017, 01:02
Roger Hovater

The past 4 to 5 months has been a very educational experience for me. I downloaded Meta trader 4 on my cell phone and got a demo account. Demo accounts are good for practice but there is one big problem with them and it is: Demo accounts do not give accurate values because they are not based on real life events that are happening in the world and you are not trading live with others. 

I recently started trading on a very small scale with a cent account and have so far in a matter of literally a few hours profits from 43 trades and lost on 5 trades. We do not live in a perfect world, consider each loss a mistake, and learn from it. Try not to let it defer you from taking another shot. If you continually lose on your trades, that demo account may help you a little bit more and when you go back to live trading, then take the more careful approach by investing smaller amounts.

The following pictures are screen shots taken on my cell of each trade:

1 of 6    2 of 6    3 of 6    4 of 6    5 of 6 6 of 6 

As of 09/02/2017 I have PROFITED a little over $7 dollars (because my account is a cent account). I have made 48 total trades (not that devoted to trading) and out of those 5 of those were losses. I plan to upgrade my account from a cent account to a mini account and eventually reach my goal of having a VIP account. I highly recommend this company. Changing to the best account will allow me to make the most money. Had I of been on a standard account, It wouldn't of been just a little over $7 dollars but a little over $700 dollars. A few of my proudest trades is was on the following three dates: 
          August 31st gaining a total of 1.45 (145+pips) 
          August 31st gaining a total of 3.11 (311 pips) 
          Sept     01st gaining a total of 1.20 (120 pips) 

My favorite motto is: "I don't ask to be judged by my winners, but to judge me by my losers because I have so few".

My goal is to become more active in trading and be able to trade on the Forex market full time starting in January of 2018 while preparing to have my own corporate partnership with my current broker, PaxForex.

Interested in the trading in the Forex currency market? Visit www.paxforex.com and sign up with a demo account and download metatrader4.

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