Bitcoin above $4000

Bitcoin above $4000

14 August 2017, 10:44

Another hurdle was passed: $4000. I have to admit, I was not expecting to see this level reached so soon. But one thing was confirmed: Bitcoin is becoming a safe haven. We can see a similar trend with Gold (which is the most notorious Safe Haven) and the latest geopolitical threats between the US & North Korea are confirming that investors turned their eyes on the main digital currency. Japanese, Chinese and South Korean accounted for about 70% of weekend's trading volume, according to Coindesk; Japan and South Korea could be directly interested in the outcome of the nuclear-talk clash. Overall, the demand for Bitcoin went through the roof, Litecoin and Ethereum paying tribute to it, seeing a slowdown in demand and, subsequently, a drop in price.

Now, there is only one question in everybody's mind: $5000 when?

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