13 June 2017, 14:17
Mohammad Ali


The Expert Advisor is capable of copying your trade in the same account the same terminal.

It is very useful if you have hired the website signal to earn investment profits, the lot size on the MT4/MT5 software received from the primary signal will be limited to reduce the risk. It is because the lot size is very significant; the investment profits will, in turn, be tiny.

The tool is used to increase the size of the order. This tool is set to duplicate the order from the initial order automatically. The already copied order will have the lot multiplier by the parameters declared by you. The process of closing and opening is set to proceed automatically. It happens based on the original order. It is also set to automatically duplicate the amount of take profit and the amount of stop loss.


When you need to triple your size

  1. 0.01 lot get from the original order (got from the initial signal provider)
  2. (Duplicated orders generated by the tool): 0.02 lot copied order.
  3. One needs to create some parameters lot multiplier. 2
  4. Total: 0.01 add to 0.01*2 (lot multiplier) equals to 0.03 lot
  5. Your lot size appreciates from 0.01 to 0.03 lot

Key Advantages

  • You only attach this EA only one terminal into one chart. The tool will work automatically on all currency codes.
  • You can set your copy's trade new TP/SL or you can fellow original trade's TP/SL.
  • You can test this EA on backtest. In backtest EA open ramdom trade and also EA copy that trade. So you can test this EA before buy it.

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  • Stop EA: If true, EA will stop copy any trade.
  • MagicNumber: Magic number for EA.


  • Order Type To Copy: Select Order type to copy.

    1. All Orders: Copy all trade type (Both Buy and Sell).
    2. Buy Trade Only: Only BUY Type trade will be copy.
    3. Sell Trade Only: Only SELL Type trade will be copy.

  • MagicNumber To Copy: The magic number of the order to copy, multiple magic numbers can be specified separated by commas.

    1. 0- Only copy manual trade
    2. 12222,1234687,1111- all positions with magic numbers 12222,1234687,1111. 
    3. An empty value- means that all order will be copy.

  • Symbol To Copy: The symbol of the order to copy, multiple symbol can be specified separated by commas.

    1. EURUSD,USDJPY- only positions and orders for EURUSD and USDJPY.
    2. An empty value- means that all type of symbol order will be copy.

  • Trade's Comment To Copy: Put trade comment of the order to copy, multiple comment can be specified separated by commas. 

    1. Cap zone recovery ea, Universal- only orders with this comment Cap zone recovery ea, Universal will be copy. 
    2. An empty value- means that all type of comment order will be copy.

  • Minimum Lot To Copy: Set Minimum lot to copy.
  • Maximum Lot To Copy: Set Maximum lot to copy.
  • CopyOnlyLossPosPoint: Duplicate only those transactions, the loss of which is lower than CopyOnlyLossPosPoint in points.
  • CopyOnlyProfPosPoint: Duplicate only those transactions, which is higher than the profit CopyOnlyProfPosPoint points.
  • Ignore All Exit Signal: If true, EA will not close his copy trades, if original trade closed.
  • Allow Slippage In Points: Maximum price slippage will allow to open trade.
  • Ignore Copy Existing Order: If true, When you attach EA on chart, if already have some existing trade, EA will ignore to copy whose trade.
  • Reverse Duplicate: If true - Reverse trades. (Example- if original trade is buy, copy trade will be sell).


  • Lots Type: Lots type for copy trade.
  • LotMultiplier: Lot multiplier. Lot size = Lot Multiplier x provider's lot size.

    • Add Lots: Lot size = Add Lots + provider's lot size.
    • Fix Lots: Fix Lots.
    • Lot Multiplier: Value of lots multipier.

  • Add Lots: Value of add lots.
  • Fix Lots: Value of fix lots.
  • Minimum Lots Size: Minimum lots size.
  • Maximum Lots Size: Maximum lots size.


  • TP_SL Type: Takeprofit and stoploss type.
  • Fellow Original TP/SL: Copy same original trade's TP/SL value.
  • Set New TP/SL: Set new TP/SL.
  • TakeProfit: New take profit value in points.
  • StopLoss: New stop profit value in points .


  • Break Even On: Active Break event True/False.
  • Break Start: Profit (distance from entry price to current price, in points) when the break even is activated.
  • Break Step : Distance from entry price to which the stop loss is moved.


  • Trailing On: Active Break event True/False.
  • Trailing Stop: Distance from entry price (in points) when the trailing stop is activated.
  • Trailing Step: Step (in points) of trailing stop.


  • Enable Email Alerts: If true, send email if any new trade will open/closed.
  • Enable Push Alerts: If true, send push mobile message if any new trade will open/closed.

Suggestions for creating high and safe profit

Signals with strong growth performance rate at website are the most advisable signals to choose. The biggest drawdown must not go beyond 50%. The signal provider balancer must be lower than your very own balance, in case your reminder is too low; it is advisable to open a cent account. Then select the leverage that equals to the leverage of the signal providers. For the safest, you are advised just to double the order size (is set up lot multiplier = 1). In case you nowise a 70% increase in your drawdown level, it will automatically stop pause the opening equals to the initial order and deposits money to this account to minimize the risk. In case the first balance equals to the increased profits, you are advised to withdraw your money to create a new account. Proceed and choose a new signal provider for your new account

Multiple accounts + multiple signal providers + tool change lot size = the best solution.

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