3 Graphics to watch this week.

3 Graphics to watch this week.

28 March 2017, 14:46
Aleksei Kotlovanov

Last week was the worse for American stock market in 2017: Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEX: Dow Jones Industrial Average [DJI]), and S&P 500 (INDEX: S&P 500 INDEX [SPX]) fell more than 1%. Nevertheless since the beginning of the year both indexes gained more than 4%. 

In the next few days quarterly statements are expected, which may bring rise and falls of selected stocks. Especially the traders expect the reports from Carnival, McCorrmick and Cal-Maine.

Cal-Maine (NASDAQ: Cal-Maine Foods [CALM]), must report the results of the III fiscal quarter on Monday. Last quarter the average sales price lost 51% and total sales lost 54%. At that time Cal-Maine losses were 23 million USD (0,48$ per stock). In the same quarter in previous year the profit was 109 million USD (2,26% per stock).  This quarter the results must be better. Wall-Street is expecting the sales losses to 28%.

Carnival (NYSE: Carnival Corporation [CCL]) will report the I fiscal quarter on Tuesday and the expectations are on top record levels. The investors have a lot of reasons for optimism. In 2016 the price per ship cabin increased by 3,5%. CEO of Carnival Arnold Donald and Management of the Company anticipate in this quarter the growth of profit by 2% (0,31$-0,35$ per stock).

McCormick (NYSE: McCormick & Company [MKC]) will report the fiscal quarter statement on Tuesday. The growth of sales in the last quarter was pretty small, only 4%, but the company was able to increase the profit rate, what increased the operational profit by 6%. Also last year the company was able to decrease the expenses by 100 million USD. Specialists anticipate the growth in 2017 by 5-7% and more.

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