Gold Price Prediction Using Kernel Ridge Regression Python Code

2 December 2016, 04:20
Ahmad Hassam

Gold is a commodity that is considered to be a hedge against inflation.

Gold is also considered to be a safe haven asset.

I have posted on my blog python code that you can use to predict weekly gold price.

Kernel Ridge Regression is a penalized regression that uses the kernel trick.

Kernel is now being used in a lot of machine learning algorithms.

Basically it transports the data to a higher hyper plane where it almost becomes linear.

This makes it easy to perform the regression and classification.

I have explained everything in the post how you are going to use kernel ridge regression.

You can use this method to predict prices in the currency market as well.

If you are not sure what kernel ridge regression is, I have posted 2 videos in the post as well that explain in detail kernel ridge regression.

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