What do analysts recommend ahead of the ECB?

8 September 2016, 16:16
Eko Rediantoro

Morgan Stanley: Bullish view on the euro. So far the euro zone’s economy hasn’t been hit too hard by Brexit. ECB will ease policy in December.  

Barclays: The ECB will adopt a wait and see approach. The outlook for EUR/USD is neutral.

Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi: The ECB will extend QE only in October or December. EUR/USD will gain.

RBS: ECB will extend QE to September 2017.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch: The ECB will extend QE, but negative impact on the euro will be limited.  

Societe Generale: The danger is that the ECB does nothing at the meeting. This won’t lead to a surge in the euro, but it will be supportive.

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