Taiwan stocks ascend at close

6 September 2016, 03:21
Eko Rediantoro

On Monday, Taiwan stocks traded higher after the close, as revenues in the Machinery,  Electronic Parts/Components and Optoelectronic sectors brought shares higher.

In Taiwan, the Taiwan Weighted gained 1.14% at the close.

The best performers of the trading session on the Taiwan Weighted happened to be Chang Type, rising 9.98% at 59.50, Orise Tech, adding 9.95% at 34.80 and also Kyet, which managed to earn 9.94% at 34.85 during late trade.

The worst performers of the session were represented by Wei Chih Steel with its 7.61% sag to 1.820,  Tainan Cayman with its 6.15% drop to 6.100 and also Benq Materials, tumbling 5.50% and being worth  14.60.

Ascending stocks outperformed sagging ones on the Taiwan Stock Exchange by 532 to 212, while 105 remained intact.

Shares in Benq Materials went down to 52-week minimums, down 5.50%, hitting 14.60.

The currency pair USD/TWD sagged 0.74%, being worth 31.458, while TWD/CNY leapt 0.10%, trading at  0.2107.

The US Dollar Index headed south 0.22%, trading at 95.66.

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