MT4 trading platform

MT4 trading platform

29 August 2016, 13:29
Anna Agreeable

The trading platform (Online Trading Platform) is a very important segment for each trader. Meta Trader 4 offers a completely stable solution for your forex trading with the use of technical analysis. With Meta Trader 4 you have everything you need to maximize your profits. MT4 MT4trading platform provides a stable, familiar and trusted environment and it's an easy way trade the markets.

To take advantage of all the opportunities in the market, you have to identify today's fast-growing market need to react in the right way, which it is what this platform offers to you. The leader of the Meta Trader 4 meets all your needs in a global financial market, using advanced data processing systems.

  1. Press the button to save
  2. Press the run button
  3. Press the next button
  4. Press the finish button
  5. Fill data info

MT4 open trading platform for those traders interested in forex trading and those that prefer to use a selection of advanced technical analysis charts.

Meta Trader 4 advantages:

To assist individual clients to develop their trading strategies, they offer technical analysis using graphs and Expert Advisors. History is repeating itself. Past price movements will follow. Meta Trader will help users predict future movements in price depending on the mobility market.

Meta Trader platform is supported in different languages. This platform can be used in every country of the world because of the possibility of the platform has a wide range of customizable features. Each user can view the detailed properties of financial instruments of the group and all the parameters that I set .See all your transactions at any time and scope of operations detailed report so that you can determine your strategy.  An extensive, varied, enhanced and more personalized use of indicators and chart with the appropriate strategy for you. The potential for greater profits by creating your own system. Quick opening, changing and closing transactions and contracts.  In other words, to maximize profits, minimize losses and all the other options available on Meta Trader.

If you wish, you can open and use our demo account and changed the password, if you want to open the charts on a platform and thus become less dependent on the price of one. It will be easier to find if you use the shortcut icons and menus on the platform and above the platform. Brokers offer following the Stop Loss as the cheapest way to maximize profits. Remember the transaction, so you do not have to be at your computer and ignore the daily activities, as the most effective way to see the result.

Basic information MT4

When you open the Meta Trader 4 Demo Account, spreads are the same as the real account. What are the requirements for Windows to be removed MetaTrader4? It is necessary to have the next version of Windows on your computer: Windows or Mac. At what time zone for MetaTrader4?  In local time.

First, you need to close the Meta Trader 4. Then, copy your Expert Advisor in MetaTrader 4 experts’ folder. Then, open platform, click the Navigator tab and double-click on Expert Advisor. Left-click the mouse to drag the icon to the graph and so it is activated. In the upper right corner of the graph should appear Smiley, and just click the Expert Advisor tab should be green. If you were unable to activate the Expert Advisor, you should click in the right corner of the chart Smiley, a button in the Expert Advisor tab should be red.

How to change the password? Go to the Tools menu and select Options. When you open a window, go to the Server category and select the Change button.

How to get a report on the accounts? Click Terminal and when you open window at the bottom of the monitor, go to the Account History category.

Set up trading tools

How to set up MACD?

  • MACD is needed to set up the following
  • Fast EMA 12
  • Slow EMA 26
  • MACD SMA 9


How to set up RSI

  • Levels 30/70
  • The following picture is showed Inputs. It is needed to choose this field and set up period 14. Then press the ok button.
  • Period 14

I use Easymarkets MT4 trading platform, because it's offers the following:

  1. 150+  markets, including currencies, metals, commodities and  indices
  2. Fixed spreads for greater price transparency
  3. Free Guaranteed stops even in the most volatile markets
  4. Negative balance protection
  5. Scalping, hedging and Expert Advisors (EAs)
  6. MultiTerminal for money managers
  7. 1:400 leverage available


Forex market is the largest global exchange rate in the world. It is also the financial market. Currencies are bought and sold in pairs. There are three markets: Asian markets, European market, and North American market. The Asian market included Australia, Japan, and China. This market is slow with price movement. The European market is consists of euro zone countries and the UK. North American markets are US and Canada. European market and North American markets are choppy markets. It means higher price movements and exchange rates fluctuations. The largest trading volume is 8.30am-12.00pm by EST time zone when London and New York are opened. Traders use this time to trade currency pairs, commodities, indices, and the stocks. It is included also a big corporation, banks, insurance companies and brokers. They are usually traded in the major currencies like the euro, the US dollar, pound, yen and Swiss franc. It is also called chart analysis. The fundamental analysis provides news and economic data. It exists forex calendar when the news will be published. You can visit easymarkets forex broker. Positive economic data is good for the primary currency while negative is bad for primary currency.


Before beginner traders start trading, they have to know what assets to trade, how to trade and how to predict the price movement in the future. They can use technical and fundamental analysis for this purpose at easymarkets. Technical analysis provides price movements in the future based on charts. It can be used a lot of trading tools and indicators.

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