Leave campaign principal Gove to stand for PM job

30 June 2016, 13:25
Sherif Hasan

UK justice secretary Michael Gove has just announced his intention to lead the Conservative Party

A change of heart/mid from Gove who had previously said he would support Boris.

 Gove, explaining his decision to stand for Conservative leader, says he has "reluctantly" come "to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead".

More from Gove's statement:

"I have repeatedly said that I do not want to be Prime Minister. That has always been my view. But events since last Thursday have weighed heavily with me. I respect and admire all the candidates running for the leadership. In particular, I wanted to help build a team behind Boris Johnson so that a politician who argued for leaving the European Union could lead us to a better future. But I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead. I have, therefore, decided to put my name forward for the leadership. I want there to be an open and positive debate about the path the country will now take. Whatever the verdict of that debate I will respect it. In the next few days I will lay out my plan for the United Kingdom which I hope can provide unity and change."

Questions/conspiracy theory will abound now? Is he just trying to split the Boris/Theresa May vote? It could be something to do with the leaked email that Gove's wife sent him ( inadvertently copied in to others. lol) that urged him to make a water-tight deal with Johnson. Perhaps failure to get those assurances has led him to make his own bid.

May has confirmed she will stand. Boris yet to make an official announcement but still expected to or does the Gove announcement throw a real curve ball into the playing field?

Gove is/was also Cameron's best mate before the Brexit campaign split adding more conjecture into the mix. Politics eh? What a circus.

Roll up, roll up !

Meanwhile GBPUSD runs into the 1.3500 sellers I highlighted again and now 1.3458 as we wait on UK GDP data

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