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24 June 2016, 12:53
Sherif Hasan

The political snowball is starting to roll

Cameron choosing to step down shows the inherent problem with this great country. So what if he was wrong in the path he chose? At least he stood up for his beliefs. I can't say I held huge respect for him but I hold even less now.

What I expect is my elected leader to front the situation and to show some bollocks to say that although he advised a different path, the people have spoken and now he will fight tooth and nail to give the people what they want. While the UK may have voted against him in this, they trusted him enough to put him into power in the first place. That alone should get a man to stand tall and fight.

But alas, I fear a lot of his decision is out of his hands and comes amid a wave of pressure from the vultures in his own party who see an opportunity to strike while he's on his knees. In prior posts I've spoken about the political shit storm to come and that has nothing to do with the vote on Europe but everything to do with the fight for power among government members.

I don't want a quitter running my country but that's the way the UK is right now. If you fail, you slink out the side door without a whimper. Cameron is not the first to do that, and he won't be the last. That folks, is a big reason why the UK will struggle to make this exit work.

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