CFTC commitments of traders: Traders pare position in GBP ahead of EU vote

18 June 2016, 11:34
Sherif Hasan

Weekly positioning data from the CFTC for Forex futures as of the close on June14

  • EUR 56K short vs. 67K short prior week.
  • GBP 37K short vs. 66K short prior week
  • JPY 56K long vs. 43K long prior week
  • CAD 18K long vs. 22K long prior week
  • CHF 7K long vs. 10K short prior week
  • AUD 7K short vs. 16K short prior week
  • NZD 4k short vs. 9K long prior week
he take-aways from the numbers....
  • Traders moving closer to home in the GBP
  • Longs in JPY not at the highs but moving back towards it (recent high 72K
  • CHF sees a flight into the relative safety
  • CAD. AID and NZD move closer to square ahead of the risk event
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