Fed's Bullard says only one more hike needed over next 30 months under current conditions

17 June 2016, 13:18
Sherif Hasan

St Lous Fed head Bullard back on the wires 17 June 2016

  • maybe even more than 30 months

Oh no, Bully the Bore is going to give my typing fingers a real end of session test!

  • economy may have slipped into slow-growth mode where appropriate Fed policy rate is 0.63% over a 30 month period
  • barring unexpected shocks GDP growth at around 2%, unemployment of around 4.7% and inflation likely to anchor at 2% will persist in foreseeable future

Curreny pairs suitably unfazed but GBPUSD has rallied again to 1.4263 after EURGBP stopped right on the 0.7910 area I highlighted earlier and now 0.7891.

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