Japan's MoF Asakawa: BOJ, MoF, FSA share view FX volatility is rising

17 June 2016, 07:32
Sherif Hasan

FSA, MoF, BOJ officials are meeting to discuss financial mkts

Asakawa remarks crossing on the screens:

  • BOJ, MoF, FSA share view the volatility is rising in FX, financial markets
(Masatsugu Asakawa is vice finance minister for international affairs)
  • Officials shared views
  • Discussed holding meetings frequently
  • Will pay attention to markets, exchanging information
Well, that'll have yen longs quaking in their boots. Not.

Handy guide to that alphabet soup:
  • FSA is Financial Services Authority, the agency that oversees banking, securities and exchange, and insurance
  • MOF is Ministry of Finance
  • BOJ you know ... Bank of Japan
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