BoJ to Intervene? - BBH

BoJ to Intervene? - BBH

9 May 2016, 02:15
Roberto Jacobs

BoJ to Intervene? - BBH

Analysts at Brown Brothers Harriman explained that while the BOJ could intervene, we continue to attribute a low risk in the run-up to the G7 meeting toward the end of the month.

Key Quotes:

"Japan's proposition looks something like this: Japan will offer fresh fiscal stimulus in exchange for G7 approval for it to enforce the agreement that excessive volatility in the market-driven exchange rates is counterproductive."

"The dismal PMI readings (the composite for April, 48.9 is a two-year low. The recent earthquake requires government rebuilding efforts, and Abe appears to be looking for a face-saving way to postpone the sales tax hike (from 8% to 10%) that is to be implemented April 1, 2017."


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