How to Trade my Daily Calls

12 June 2016, 08:16
Sherif Hasan

If you are looking for some useful daily analysis to give you some clues about which way the market will go and which particular currencies you should be looking out for, then my daily trade calls will become a fantastic resource!

This guide will give you some extra information on how you can trade with these daily calls most effectively and hopefully gain an edge to making consistent pips.

About the Trade Recommendations

The purpose of each daily trade is to give you an idea about how I trade and which currencies are most likely to be moving each day.

The call begins with a short analysis of which currency I’m recommending and most importantly the reasons why I think it will move the way I suggest.

“It is very important to note that I am not necessarily trading each and every individual signal on my own account”

The reasons for this are varied but manly it may be that I am already holding a similar position and do not want to get into further trades, increasing my risk on that position or that I just already have too many other trades open, and I do not want to increase my risk in general.

So please do not trade these signals blindly, thinking that I am trading them on my own account too. This is a very important point.

Every single call is however based on the same analysis that I am using to select my trades etc…

How to use the recommendations in your trading

If you are looking to trade these calls then I try to include a ‘mini’ trade within the call.

For example, each call gives the currency pair and the expected direction along with reasons why I am anticipating this move. At the end of the post, very often there will be a potential entry along with possible stop loss and profit target in order to offer a general ‘framework’ within which to work your trade.

“Again, these trading levels are not what I myself am using, they are merely meant to offer you some extra guidance for the overall trade”

The very best way to implement these calls is to use whatever strategy you feel most comfortable with.

For example, you may have a technical system that you use to give you entry signals, and decide to trade the calls in my direction but only when you get a confirmation signal from your own strategy. This is perfectly fine.

Or you may decide to simply follow the call exactly as it is written, which is also fine.

“The goal of the signals is to allow you to see the power of fundamental trading and how accurate the analysis can be over a sustained period of time.”

So please follow along and see how much they can add to your current trading analysis!


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