Algorithmic trading on forex

Algorithmic trading on forex

16 January 2016, 15:30

The world is changing and trading on financial markets as well. Day traders on the floor of the exchange are and will be just a mere of history, and memories of older generations. Automation, which is developing in various areas of our lives, has its place in trading too.

Had Forex and other markets already arrived to the point where automated trading systems could have a strong presence in the portfolio of the trader, experienced and novice? In our opinion, yes. The amazing possibilities that today’s technology offers, allow you to exploit the full potential of automation in favor of an efficient trading. Still often resounds the opinion that the automated system can not replace humans and human experience. Partly yes, but it is only a point of view. The human factor remains involved in the process as a creative part of the whole. But everything else goes much better using the algorithms. Today’s technology is not only about simple work with data. Different methods of machine learning tremendously increase the process efficiency and thereby results.

As traders, we have an experience with markets since 2009. We did not experience financial crisis, but we were involved in many other important events that had a significant impact on financial markets. For example, beginning of the Greek crisis, which partly continues today. Or downgrade the US in 2011, the SNB intervention (not just the infamous January 2015). We took something from this period – dynamics. Markets and the world is always changing, more than ever. Therefore, the involvement of technology in trading is unavoidable. As traders, we know what trading parameters need to be targeted. As IT experts with the vision of general automation, we can take advantage of the latest technology. After a few years of hard work we have decided to establish, professional solutions for algorithmic trading on forex. 

Algofxsolution aims to show that automated trading with long-term approach can work and that it is not just a nice-sounding theoretical idea. Our approach offers a complete solution with regard to sensible risk. Still flexible and customizable to own needs. We pay attention to the topicality of the product and its mutual diversification. Our methods are constantly improving, to keep pace with rapidly changing markets and new technologies.

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