Margin Changes to your CMC Markets Account

Margin Changes to your CMC Markets Account

6 June 2016, 18:16
Matthew Todorovski

On Thursday 23 June, UK voters will decide whether to maintain the United Kingdom's membership of the EU. In the run-up to this referendum, we may see larger than expected volatility as the financial markets react to the final stages of the political campaigns.

This can result in increased opportunity but also increased risk. As a result, we recommend that you have sufficient margin cover in place at all times and continuously monitor your account to make sure that you don't get caught out by large changes in the market.

Ahead of the EU referendum, Margin Rates will change temporarily on some of our products:

These changes will take effect from market open on Monday 13 June 2016.

Germany 301%2%4%8%
Euro 501%2%4%8%
UK 1001%2%4%8%
Netherlands 251.50%3%6%12%
Europe 6001.50%3%6%12%
France 401.50%3%6%12%
Germany Mid 501.50%3%6%12%
Germany Tech 301.50%3%6%12%
Italy 401.50%3%6%12%
Poland 201.50%3%6%12%
Spain 351.50%3%6%12%
Belgium 201.50%3%6%12%
Sweden 301.50%3%6%12%
Norway 251.50%3%6%12%

These changes will take effect from market open on Monday 13 June 2016.

GBP FX Pairs*1%2%4%8%
Furthermore, the following Margin Rates will apply from market open on Monday 20 June 2016.
All other FX Pairs*1%2%4%8%
* Unless the existing Margin Rate (which can be found in the Product Overview on the Platform) is higher than the new rate, in which case the existing Margin Rate will prevail.
What you need to do if you have a Trade(s) and/or Pending Order(s) on the affected products
To ensure that you meet the new Margin Rates, you may need to amend or close existing Trades or amend or cancel Pending Orders to open new Trades. Please check our new Margin Rates above to determine what action (if any) you need to take in respect of your Trades and Pending Orders.
Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your Account to meet the new Margin Rates and to remain above the Close-Out Level by no later than market close on Saturday 11 June 2016. If you need to make a payment, please allow sufficient time for it to reach us. Where you do not have sufficient funds in your Account to meet your margin requirements, you may be subject to an Account Close-Out.
Please note that we may with little or no notice make further changes to the Margin Rates for some of our products in the weeks leading up to the EU referendum. The GSLO Minimum Distance (as specified in the Product Library) may also change on selected instruments. Therefore, please ensure that you carefully monitor your account including any positions placed with a GSLO.
If you have any questions please contact our Client Service team on 1300 303 888 or at

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