Trading Idea for May- 05, 2016

Trading Idea for May- 05, 2016

5 May 2016, 08:08
Pankaj D Costa

Hello Friends,

I am sharing with you a stable trading idea with you. If you follow this idea, there is a good chance to make profit. Before follow this trading idea, please follow the below instruction which I am following personally.

1.       Trading lot must be equal for every day trading because sometimes trading idea can go against our analysis. So, if you loss one day, next day there is a chance to recover previous losses. So, trading lot must be equal for all trades and every day’s trades.

2.       I am following in my real account, if you want can follow in your real account or can test in demo account.

3.       In this trading idea, we are following take profit and stop loss. But, personally I have a daily profit target, if profit goes to my target, I am closing all trades in average. You can follow this strategy to gain daily target.

4.       Normally during trading time, we are closing our lot 50% to 70% if we get 30 to 40 pips profit in any trade and balance lot keeping with break-even stop loss. I can’t post here time to time update, so better, close profit and loss trades within average profit.

5.       Please note, this is not a signal, just daily trading idea which can give you profit or loss. No need to follow blindly, add your own analysis also before open a position.

6.       This trading idea you can get only 3 days i.e. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday and Friday we are avoiding to follow any trade idea.

7.       If you interested to get instant idea via skype, you can add me “Pip2Pips”, 

Let’s see today’s trading idea:

1.       EURUSD : Sell @ 1.1495, Stop Loss, 1.1546 Take Profit 1.1415

2.       GBPUSD: Sell 1.4530 SL 1.4585 TP 1.4415

3.       Gold:  Sell 1282 SL 1293 TP 1268

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