My lastest and greatest

6 October 2014, 05:39
Patrick Cofflin

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I'm going to discuss my newest indicator the ABSAV; why I made it and why I think every trader should use it.

The idea that volume and price and interconnected isn't a new one. I first noticed it while looking for trending markets and how strong a trend could be. What I learned was volume shows strength but not direction and moving average shows direction without strength. So I combined the two to form the Average Bar Size versus Average Volume and I've been trading with it ever since. I have had mixed results but have made positive gains since adding it to my trading system.

Check out my tutorial here:

You can also check out the ABSAV on the mql5 market here: Let me know what you think, I look forward to the feed back.

Good luck and happy trading,


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